March 27, 2008

Getting to know the dwarf rabbit language (II)

Let’s continue learning more about the dwarf rabbit code, okie? Our little friends have their own particular way to express their feelings and needs as human beings do, however they do it through their body language and sounds.

So let’s see what and how your dwarf rabbit communicates with you its best loving friend:

“I feel sick”: Pay attention if your dwarf rabbit turns into apathy, inactive and with less appetite, and its stools are a bit softer than usual. Don’t panic, it is natural it has its bad days, too. But if this continues for over 3 or 4 days, then you should pay a visit to the vet.

“I’m mad at you”: You can notice it’s angry by its posture. It will give you a defiant look, putting its ears backwards and throw all the weight of its body on its back legs to jump on you at the minimum approach. It might scratch or bite you.

The best way to show it your peaceful intentions is by approaching from the floor, not from above. Never put your hand underneath or in front of its snout: secure attack.
Try to lay your hand on its head for caressing. If it allows you to do so, it means he accepts your apologies; otherwise, take your hand out immediately.

“I want to get out of here”: Dwarf rabbits just wanna have fun for sure! You can realize when you see your rabbit pet going crazy, standing up on its back legs, biting the cage bars, making noise to call attention or giving you a begging look.

Then it is time to come out and play. But even after all that running and jumping, they might want more. In that case, you have to talk to it with a soft voice fun time is over, and wait until it cools down again.

“Show me your love”: Dwarf rabbits need caressing and loving, so your pet will approach to you getting between your fingers or poking you with its snout. Do pay attention to this, because it might take it as an offence and answer back with a grunt or biting.

In case you have no time or not so much in the mood, just a pair of strokes on its head will make it feel you get its feeling.

Anytime you can, give yourself the time for pampering your furry friend. Caress its head, forehead, behind the ears and the back, but don’t touch the back legs: they hate it.

Source: Conejos Enanos

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