March 15, 2008

Getting to know the dwarf rabbit language

Our adorable the dwarf rabbit are not just cutie an cuddling little things to take care of, but with complex animal character that communicate through sounds, gestures and actions rich in significance, that you as an owner have to know in order to establish a closer and better relationship with your furry little friend.

  • Smelling and sniffing out. This indicates curiosity before something new as a place, object or person. It could be your dwarf rabbit has perceived a strange smell. The faster the nose movement, the higher is its level of interest and curiosity. If your rabbit barely moves it, that means it is in a relaxed mood.
  • Happy climbing! Rabbits love seeing things from above due to their curiosity, so no wonder they try to climb sofas, tables or any high furniture piece.
  • Grunting. This is a clear sign of anger, so you better leave it alone if you don’t’ want to get any scratch or bite.
  • Don’t touch my stuff! Sometimes your little friend will not be very pleased of you cleaning up its cage. It might even bite or scratch. Dwarf rabbits are creatures of habit, and they just like to mess everything up and they prefer things stay that way. That is why it is better you dot he cage cleaning when your rabbit is out of it.
Source: Conejos Enanos


richie_wwe said...
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jack smith said...

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