December 31, 2007

Dwarf rabbits character- Why you should make them your best friends

First of all, the super small size of a baby dwarf rabbit that you can largely hold in one hand makes it extremely tender an adorable.

But beyond their external softness and cuteness, these little rabbits are very clever, curious and social. They adapt very well in a country environment as well in a city small apartment.

Although, in a small apartment they can not run freely as in the countryside, they will still make themselves comfortable to jump around the sofa or lie down in bed. They love to explore around the place.

You may think they make a wonderful gift for a kid, and they are very kid-friendly indeed and their needs are quite simple. However, children will not be able to look after them as good as an adult can do.

From age 4, your dwarf rabbit is a “middle-aged guy or lady”, though she still has lot of time ahead to have fun with you, since he/she can live up to 7 to 9 years, as long as you love and take care of them properly.


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