March 5, 2008

Dwarf rabbits’ character- Why you should make them your best friends? (II)

These little cuties will make a perfect pet animal for you because:

  • They do not smell bad; they do not even need a bath. But they do need to be groomed.
  • They are quiet and you do not need to worry about taking the, out for a walk. Though, they do need to do some exercise.
  • You can train them to potty.
  • They are smart and very social.
However, beware of not treating your dwarf rabbit as a dog or cat. The latter are used to live among humans or very long time, while rabbits are still very deep inside wild animals.

Dwarf rabbits can be clever, social and loving as well as spoiled, stubborn, destructive and vengeful. You will realize they tend to hate being lifted and cuddled up, which can be dangerous if you touch them when they are angry. You might get hut by their nails, and they have a spine fracture.

Dwarf rabbits have a very delicate bone structure, for this reason be careful of letting a child handle them. They are not teddy bears!

Finally, it is in your hands to shape up the personality of your dwarf rabbit and let it know you are its friend. So be patient, and you will see how lovable and faithful your little pet rabbit will turn out to be.


rrj said...

Dwarf rabbit (netherland dwarf, himalayan dwarf, dwarf lop, dwarf hotot) sometimes aggresive.

jack smith said...

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